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DXF Made Easy

PLEASE NOTE: The information on DXF was written in 1996 and is no longer current. We keep it on the net for informational purposes only. At present, we have no plans to update this information.

A number of people have experienced problems with exchanging drawing files via DXF. The majority of these problems can be easily solved by following a few simple steps and having a better understanding of a few basic principles. As a service bureau, we translate files using DXF with a great degree of success, so we know that it can be done. In these documents we will attempt to share some of our experience with you.
In General About the DXF format and transfering files in general
In & Out of MiniCad Specific information on how MiniCad acts
In & Out of AutoCad What to tell the AutoCad user you're dealing with
Other DXF Links What do other people say about DXF
Translating Service We can translate your drawings for an affordable price

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