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DXF Made Easy

Back To DXF Made Easy As a part of our business, we offer the service of translating Cad files between most formats.

Many people find that this is more economical than spend a lot of time doing it themselves, only to find that it didn't work, and the person who has gotten the file from you is questioning your ability.

Prices are based upon the number of files we produce in the final format. For example if you have a Vectorworks drawing with 3 saved sheets, we would break it into 3 Autocad drawings, and you would be charged for 3 translations. The price is CAN$ 25 per translation. Canadian dollars are around .65 US at the time of this writing.

Please contact us for further details. We can be reached by email at the address one the bottom of this page or you can contact us through our company.

WMW Reprographics Ltd.
809 Homer Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6B 2W2
(604) 685-5408 phone
(604) 685-5409 fax

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