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Roman Maps Project

 One of the things I have been doing with my computer is creating maps of the ancient Roman Empire. It started out as a part of my daughter's homework a few years ago, I discovered that it was enjoyable, and lately have been working towards improving the maps.

Roman Empire

 The first map above is an overview of the entire map, reduced in size for quick viewing. It is also reduced in detail; there are no cities, regions, or rivers showing. The size is approximately 200k.

 If you want more detail, a larger version of the map is available as well. This version is approximately 350k. This map has greater detail and shows cities, regions, rivers, et all.

 Should you feel that you have good use for these maps in electronic form, please contact me and I will be at least willing to discuss it.

 The maps were drawn in Diehl Graphsoft's MiniCad (version 6) with some of the base geographic data being exported from their Azimuth program. From MiniCad, they were exported to PICT format using Print2PICT by B. Raoult. They were then opened in Adobe Photoshop to be saved in either GIF or JPEG format.

 I should point out that these maps are ©1996 Dave Weber, WMW Reprographics Ltd., and any direct linking, reproduction or redistribution is prohibited without consent.

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last modified December, 2001