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WMW Reprographics Ltd.
840 Cambie Street
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6B 0B4
Phone (604) 685-5408  - toll free phone (866) 369-3237 (866DMWEBER)
Fax (604) 685-5409  - toll free fax (800) 986-2332
Administration (604) 685-5442

About WMW Reprographics Ltd.

 WMW Reprographics Ltd. is a family owned and operated digital blueprint company. Our goal is to provide excellent service at competitive prices for our clients. We strive to be the fast, error free and offer the best quality work to our customers. Over and above everything else, we recognize that you need your job done right, and back to you in time to meet your deadline.

 Our shop is located downtown near B.C. Place. To physically get here, we are in the lane between Cambie and Beatty streets which can only be accessed from a right turn off of Smythe Street. There is also a door with a WMW sign on it and an intercom about 60 feet south of the main 840 Cambie door that we can let you in and out of. We do not have access to the main door at 840 Cambie.We are open from 8:00 - 6:00 Monday - Friday. After hours, our phone is forwarded to a cell phone carried by someone on staff.


Our prices are based upon the square footage of the drawings. See our Table of Prices (pdf file) for more details. To account for the cost of transporting drawings, we are willing to negotiate on orders which have to be shipped out of the Greater Vancouver Area. If you have any questions regarding pricing, please do not hesitate to call us.


Services WMW Reprographics Offers

  • Produce Digital Blueprints


With our Océ TDS800 digital printers, we can print up to 36" wide monochrome prints very quickly. These printers each output at the rate of 42 linear feet per minute (about 21 D size per minute).

Typically, we print from user supplied .PDF files. The most economical way of submitting these is to put all of your drawings into a single PDF file. In addition, we print from CAD programs on both the Macintosh and PC platform, supporting MiniCad, Vectorworks, PowerCadd, PowerDraw, and of course AutoCad.

In addition to regular bond prints, we offer vellum, mylar, presentation bond (a heavier bond which takes markers well), and "wear & tear" (a waterproof and nearly indestructible media for outdoor use). As well, we offer tinted bond in yellow, green, pink and blue. The tinted bonds can make it far easier to distinguish different issues of prints, for example, issued for construction on yellow makes it easy to see who has the right prints on site.

Printing is done done roll stock on these machines in either 36", 34", 30", 28", 24", 22", 18" or 17", but the Océ will cut the length at any point, so your drawing does not need to be a standard size, so long as it is one of the above widths. For a list of standard sheet sizes click here. paper sizes.pdf

  • Plot Colour Drawings

With our brand new Oce ColorWave 650 we have the capability to print affordable sets of colour drawings at high speed on 20lb bond print paper. Additionally, we have a 28lb Presentation Bond paper which has a brighter finish and heavier weight to it, and a SemiGloss Photo base paper. 

For those of you who have a need for it, we have Inkjet Presentation Bond. This pa
per is a clay coated bond, a 27 lb. brilliant white stock. This 27 lb. stock is treated so that the inks will not run if the paper gets wet. We also offer textured bond (linen and pebble), photographic paper, 40 lb. cardstock, clear film, backlit film, and watercolour paper.

We also have a Cannon Image Runner colour copier, connected to our network via a Fiery interface, allowing us to produce colour documents up to 11" x 17" in quantity.

Billing and Credit

We freely offer credit to any architect or design company with a professional designation in British Columbia. There is no credit application to fill out (nobody ever puts down references to people they haven't paid anyway's), we only need the following information for opening an account:

Company name
Address (including Postal Code)
Telephone & Fax number
Project Name and Number, and Ordered By

Individuals or firms which have a history of slow paying will have their credit suspended at our discretion. Private individuals, non-professional companies, and companies outside British Columbia may be extended credit at our discretion.

We also accept VISA or Mastercard for any transactions.



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